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                Toy Fair 1989 was the closest Matchbox came to having their act together in regard to MAXx FX.  The catalogue pages below show where they were at that time.  All the monster models pictured in the catalogue were mine.  Apparently the photos were shot while I was still working on the Creature.  So Jason and Freddy were at home with me as well.  But as the copy indicates, Matchbox had decided to add them to the line.  What made them change their mind?  We were told that when the Matchbox sales force previewed MAXx FX to the trade, several key buyers inquired “Where’s Freddy?”  “Freddy who?”  Matchbox replied.  “Freddy Krueger!  He’s hot!  You should add him to the line.”  So they did, and his slasher buddy, Jason. 
              Matchbox’s art department had also mocked up this Special FX Theatre playset, complete with walk-in closets and tiny clothes hangers to neatly put away MAXx’s clothes.  All this and more was on display at Toy Fair.  Thank God, there were no back packs there.  My original models were all present, as well as several copies of them in various sizes and stages of re-sculpting.  Some guy was walking around in a monster suit.  It was quite a show.  We were told that MAXx was well received.  All this, of course, was Make Believe, for none of it was Freddy ready.  He was talked about, but nowhere to be seen.
                The Highlight of the Toy Fair presentation was this somewhat annoying little movie, featuring all my original models, and irritating music.  Matchbox's Ad Agency slipped us this rare but blurry copy.