Mel Birnkrant presents:
The Life and Death of

                                                                  ULTRA FX

                   A robot henchman created by Dr. MAD FX and under his total control. He’s programmed to do evil deeds. Ultra FX has Hypnotic eyes, super strength and can create special effects from the holographic projectors in his eyes. He is able to assume the identity of anyone on earth, and in particular, MAXx FX himself... which never fails to create Big Trouble for MAXx.
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Copyright Acknowledgment: All images of  MAXx FX and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are Copyright
                   (c) BIRNKRANT KISCOM/ The OBB
            Each Monster Make-Up Cassette contains everything necessary to transform MAXx  into a fantastic movie monster. A complete costume with snap-on make-up appliances can change MAXx’s appearance and his size as well. Front of cassette features movie poster of MAXx in full make-up. Back of cassette discloses entire contents and features of each make-up. Cassettes snap in special storage compartment in Miracle Movie van.
              In 1988 I didn't own a video camera.  Therefore, the SLIDE SHOW below became the heart and highlight of our Presentation. It required a cumbersome Carousel projector, loaded with over 100 slides.  Although, this heavy object was a drag to drag along, my partners, Kiscom, didn’t have to drag it long,  for MAXx FX was quickly sold, unfortunately, to Matchbox.  

What you see below is essentially the contents of  the: