In the mid 1980s there was a semi-successful girls product called "Keepers". They were cute plastic animals with a not so secret compartment. As usual, Andy posed the question, "How can we flip this idea for boys?"
           The result was "LOCK-UPS". Security guard animals with a combination-lock nose, a snaggletooth that it engages, and a hollow tummy to keep oneís treasures safe. And because anyone could simply take the whole thing with them, foot-cuffs to attach it to the bed.  I always liked the look of that big King Kong  head used for close ups in the 1931 movie, so I set about making a monkey.
         Stumbling across a police paraphernalia store in Paramus, I went a little crazy, buying badges patches and handcuffs too. And here he is finished, "Louie Lock-Up".
          Pass your mouse across the photo below and say AAH !  Hey, is that cool, or what?

Letís do that again!
These drawings suggest variations and line extensions.
        The pups were bedroom motion detectors. Their noses sounded the alarm when parents entered. The rest are self explanatory
       Then in a naively misdirected effort I tried to turn the product I had turned around for boys back around for girls again; Loveable Lock-Ups were arguably a bad idea, but I kinda liked the drawing.
        This wasn't an easy one to sell. But Kiscom somehow managed to sell it to a foreign company, someplace in another country. Thatís the last I saw of the presentation. Somewhere someone made the product, as evidenced by this actual sample I came across the other day . The small girl on the over-large package is playing with my monkey. I never got him back agin.
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