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All Original Toy Concepts, Written and Photographic content is Copyright MEL BIRNKRANT
          This is a very minor item. But I always liked the styling.  The concept, on the other hand, is as hopelessly outdated as yours truly.  I find myself chuckling as I contemplate this. Thirty years ago, I thought this fad and its technology was cutting edge.  I can’t say that  I, myself, was ever tempted to walk around carrying a “Boombox”, but lots of teenagers and young adults did.  Nonetheless, I dare say that such a device today would redefine the expression: “obsolete?”

Anyway, the whole idea, here, was that the dolls and their real working boomboxes would be mysteriously miniature, no bigger than what you see here, or perhaps even smaller.  How could such a tiny boombox produce real music?  The secret was intended to be the fact that each boombox contained only a tiny speaker and some miniaturized controls. The actual radio, (what’s a radio?) and the batteries, would be hidden inside the doll.  This, alas, no longer, seems miraculous. The fact that it’s now possible to wear a powerful computer, smaller than these miniature boomboxes would be, strapped to one’s wrist, renders this concept ludicrous.  Nevertheless, I still think the dolls, themselves, look cute and fresh!