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Rather than taking the time to write something new, here is a truncated version of what I wrote the Horsemen.

The orange of the outfit and the somewhat subdued blue of the face were making the blue look gray. So the first thing I wanted to do was up the excitement factor of that blue. I intended to match the blue of my original art and then give it a squirt of RC Pearle Purple, but I didn’t have any.  Nor did the local hobby store. But in the quest I found a color I like even better have there. Folk Art Metallic BLUE PEARL.  I gave the face a coat of Rustolium gray primer first to make sure all the areas but the eyes were opaque.  This is important as just the metallic color with no opaque primer would become transparent, with the light behind it.

The whole idea here is that the eyes should glow and Nothing else.  The orange tinted plastic they were molded in was too pale, so I enhanced the  orange, front and back, with a spray of red-orange ink.  In production I assume the entire figure will be cast in the proper red orange color.  I wanted the body color to have some magic, without going all the way to iridescent like the face. So what I found is really interesting.  It’s called  Ctreatex Pearlized, PEARL TANGERINE. It’s closer to the concept color.

One problem is the figure borders on looking too sweet and pretty.  But, as she is a she, maybe, that’s a good thing.  Nonetheless, I tried to give it a little more bite.  And the kind of pearlized look that the Orange gives off is interesting.  I also made the gloves orange, consistent with Xodiac’s  color scheme.  I wanted the face and eyes to be the payoff, gloves of the same color were neutralizing the effectiveness of the face. The joint color being the same, as the face is just enough.

   I made the button gold, The whole transparent body thing here wasn’t working, orange body, pink button wasn’t working, and again, having light show through the body really minimized the eyes, So I would suggest spraying the whole thing with an opaque primer, leaving only the eyes and back of head unpainted,  before adding the colors.

This looks daunting, I’m not up to writing new copy, I’ll just chop some hunks of this out and paste it in.  At least it gives a flavor of the complexity of what I was trying to achieve.

  Most important!  The whole thing should be in transparent clear as was her male counterpart Metamorpho.  If you want to mold everything in that great purple color Matt uses, all except the head and helmet that would be even better, but the HEAD and HELMET must be clear and colorless, so that,means you have to do what I did and begin by spraying purple on her chest and back!  I also sprayed the balls on the weapons purple, and the tummy button too.


          So that makes the body pretty straight forward, Purple first, then white and black. The glossy Black should pretty much make the opaque parts opaque.  IMPORTANT! Please follow the pattern I did, leaving much of the back unpainted. This concept didn’t quite work out in reality as effectively as I had wished it would conceptually.  I had to wash the black paint off her butt to help it along.  Please leave the inner flat at the top, inside the helmet, unpainted. Don’t paint that black. We need all the light, inside that body, that we can get. 

Now the head. I could see from the body that what I had in mind was not going to be effective, so I went to plan B.  What a leap! Leaving the scull unpainted altogether, except for some black in the nose and eye sockets, and transparent red on the eyes.  The effect when the light comes in is pretty amazing!  and as the head is turned the other colors keep it changing. I sure hope the head turns freely in the final as when it is rotated the real magic takes place.  That colored ink I used looks lousy, Its mottled effect is not intended to be replicated. there are fantastic transparent paints in the world, just not available locally for hobbyists like me.  I have to apologize for my painting. I expected my hand to let me down, but it didn’t.  The problem was my eyes.  I, flat out, couldn’t see, even wearing 3 pairs of glasses. I also didn’t have the proper transparent paint and had to use India ink. But what I did conveys the intent. Paint masks might be best made using a piece cast in a solid color as the guide. The transparency made it impossible to see.

The key element to the faces is the black. Whether that is painted in first or last is up to you.  After some experimentation on the second head, I did it first so I could clean up some of my mess, with an xacto blade, before I added the transparent ink.   The black extends to all faces, and might be one complex mask.

NOTE how ALL COLORS STOP AS THEY APPROACH THE TOP.  This is to let in as much light as possible, above the window line.  Don’t complete them!  These faces are created only to be seen through the window! Without the helmet, they are not ready for prime time!

The demon face is the most complex, red orange , the same as the skull’s  eyes. Then pink for the tongue and yellow for the eyes.   The spider is black on the upper part and then blue or turquoise on the eyes. 
That’s it!

OK, That wraps things up for me. I’ll look forward to seeing these sometime in the spring.  This has been and will continue to be a long, long wait.  I predict that Jack and Terra will be well received. 

Best Mel
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