Mel Birnkrant's
Copyright Acknowledgment: All images of THE OUTER SPACE MEN , THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are Copyright (c) MEL BIRNKRANT
          I am very happy with the Jack and Terra photos.  Some modicum of inspiration returned for these.  They really are the best figures in the entire series.  First off, there are two product shots each, with helmets up and down.  Well I like transformations, so, Ill combine them both in one
         Then there are their official NASA type Portraits.  All the astronauts in NASA posed for these, using the identical background.  
            I tried to include, at least, one solo shot, for each, beyond the Portrait.
          But the rest are of both Jack and Terra together.  I made one each with Jack and Terra as the central figure on the moon with flag.  With the reflection of the other in their helmet.  Of course, the second figure is where the magic comes in, It shows the Anti-gravity device, too good to waste hidden behind, and also, in one case, demonstrates how it operates.   Last is simply a flight of fancy.  By this time I was getting carried away.

For the flag I used just a piece of paper printed on the computer. I just glued it to the pole and curled it slightly.  I do like the scale and transparency of the simple paper flag.   And its ability to transmit light worked well in the photography.
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