Copyright Acknowledgment: All images of INVASION EARTH and other
Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are Copyright

                Along with the working prototype a series of hurriedly done drawings rounded out the Presentation.  My heart wasn’t into the military vehicles, which were admittedly uninspired, or I might better say were directly inspired by images I discovered in a magazine, called “Hobby Japan.  Like Mattel’s Matt Mason in era of the Outer Space Men, twenty years before them, the Earthly elements were best left for someone else to do.  I had more fun with the creatures.  Each drawing was presented on a page that carried out the newspaper headline theme of the package.   Although, the headlines seem repetitive and redundant, on the next page many will disclose "mouse over" character descriptions, so for the sake of consistency, I  also left them here.
                Last of all, I picked up my then new video camera and made a record of the drawings, as well as the cataclysmic transformation my work area goes through with every new project.  Although  this video was shot some twenty years ago, I had some fun adding a sound track just the other day.
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