Oh, Baby!!

This page shows pictures of Mel's "Baby" Baby Face... the doll that never existed because Galoob didn't give her a chance. Isn't she gorgeous??

She looks like such a busy baby on this page, playing her little baby games like peekaboo and play with the fingers. And of course, it's important to take time to suck her thumb.

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Dear Cyndy,

YES, I loved her too!!! This is the Baby I liked so much that I stopped to photograph it before I sent it out!! This is the Baby that should have been, and could have been and would have been, if they hadn't screwed it up!!

And to be perfectly honest, this is part of the reason I have taken your suggestion, to do what we are doing and RUN with it! It is for the sake of this baby, who GALOOB tried so hard to "fix" and I fought so hard to Save!As you know I didn't succeed in saving her, only her Ghost survived: a Changeling, transformed, by the telltale touch of Mediocrity!

Thank you for "Falling in love with her"! All she has to offer is her "LOOK", and Now, she can offer that to you and your friends, through the Miracle of the Internet. I just hope you don't get "busted" for trafficking in "kiddy porn"! Galoob tried so hard to "clean her up", and as if, they hadn't quite, succeeded, invited the children of the world, to finish the job, in their own bathtubs!

Ironically, it was Galoob who ended up "taking a bath"! Now, this "Baby Face Baby" will have a "Life", even if she's only a million Pixels, flying through Cyberspace! Who can say what's Real anymore, anyway?

I find it curious how many different moods and expressions that little face seems to convey! I was very disappointed, when Galoob eliminated that expression from the assortment. I remember getting very involved with the eyes and thinking the Galoob Guys would probably "censor" them, because in "conventional" terms, they might be considered, a little bit "cross-eyed". I was trying to capture that unique look, characteristic of very young babies, something between looking very intently at something very close, or looking at nothing at all, or gazing at something distant, but not quite being able to focus on it properly.

I don't remember ever noticing a doll that did that. But as the whole head was dismissed, the eye question never reached my ears, if it had come up at all.

The last photo shows my Baby, as she looks today. Yes, I still have her! I told Cathy I needed her to re-fix the body, and I kept the body! And, as they didn't do the head I got to keep it too! This photo was taken years ago, but not a lot has changed, since then. I can glance across the room, right now, and she lies there, still, under the watchful gaze of the Borden Family: Elsie, Elmer, and Beauregard.

Best, Mel


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