Mel Birnkrant Presents:
All of the Art on this site is one of a kind, created by CHARLES PONSTINGL, for the sheer joy of it.
He intended it as loving homage to the Great Comic Artists of former days. 
The images are based upon the work of many, including some that were created by, and are
“Copyright The Walt Disney Company”. The writing and photography is “Copyright Mel Birnkrant”.

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          From 1990 to 1995, Charles, on and off, worked on a series of 10 pieces that represent the cast of characters from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.  He did a few each year, until the set was complete, except for the Huntsman and the evil Queen.  He even included the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs in one of those 4” scenes that defy depth perception.  What made these shadowboxes interesting to me was not so much the Seven Dwarfs, themselves, but the amazing creativity, variety, and consistency of the frames, and the situations Charles invented to put them in.  Each one is different and unique.  Although, they were carved years apart, the whole set fits together with an overriding unity.  Well, I guess that says it all.  I will post the photos here, one after another, without further commentary.
         Here at the bottom of the page, I have done the best I could to capture an image of a very large bas-relief, based on the beautiful poster art for the movie by Gustaf Tenggren.  It hangs high up on a chimney, and my ladder climbing days are over, so I aimed the camera up into the darkness and tried to brighten and bring out the image, afterwards, with Photoshop.  The lighting does not do it justice.