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All photographs © Mel Birnkrant. Some of the images © the Walt Disney Company
         This is not the end of the story.  The saga continues on the following page.  It relates the aftermath of the exhibition, its impact on our lives, and how those many showcases fit into the schoolhouse.  They were definitely a giant step, on the journey to Mouse Heaven.
          Among the party guests, and in the crowds on opening day, were numerous reporters. They represented all the local New York area papers.  In the days and weeks that followed, articles started to appear, everywhere, beginning with the New York Times.  Over time, there were even mentions of the show in newspapers from distant places.  Towns both large and small, clear across the nation had heard about the show.  In retrospect, this isolated event, in its humble modest way, made collecting Mickey Mouse “official.”  Up till now, an exhibition, even remotely like this, had never taken place, and, to some degree, it has never happened, since. 

Somewhere around this rambling schoolhouse there is a large envelope full of clippings, including several advertisements for the show.  If, by some miracle, I ever find it , I will add its contents here.