Mel Birnkrant's
THE EVENING NEWS, July 9, 1973
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          It was the summer of 1973, about three years after we moved to the country.  Someone had tipped off our local paper that I was a Mickey Mouse collector, so they contacted me.  Although the collection had remained, essentially, packed away, I was in the middle of doing a casual inventory, and many Mice were gathered on the table.

In retrospect, this article was as good as any that I ever did.  The thoughts that became my lifelong credo were still fresh in my mind.  Mickey had cast his spell on me, and I was as enchanted with him as I would ever be.

I sort of hoped the article would help turn up some mice.  Alas, even though, it was picked up and reprinted, in one form or another, by many syndicated papers, throughout the country, I can’t recall that it produced any treasures.   Nonetheless, it was great fun.  Below, we see it transformed by a paper called “The Sun.”  I have no idea, where that Sun might shine.