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   ANTIQUE WEEK, Feb. 25, 2019

"Happy 90th Birthday: MICKEY MOUSE"
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          Early this year a young man named Brett Weiss contacted me.  He explained that he was writing an
article about Mickey Mouse, to celebrate his 90th birthday.  Apparently, he got my name from my friend
Blake Wright, who included some of my famous flops, in his two volume series, “The Toys That Time
Forgot.”  Brett told me that Blake said it would be cool if he emailed me some questions about my Mickey
Mouse collection for a cover feature he was writing for a publication called, ANTIQUE WEEK.
         When the questions arrived, they included several gems, like: Do you read Mickey Mouse comic
books?  Do you play Mickey Mouse video games?  And what’s your favorite Mickey Mouse full-length
feature film, and why?  These questions tickled my funny bone, perhaps, because I’m 81 years old.  Next,
Brett asked if I have any Mickey Mouse items on display in my home?  And, suddenly, the thought occurred
to me that he might not have a clue who he was talking to.
          So, I replied: Gosh, Brett, many of these questions really don't pertain to me.  Under the
circumstances, some even verge on comedy.  Do I have any items from my collection on display? 
Seriously?  I’m living in a world of fantasy; "Mouse Heaven" is its name.”
          Then, I sent him this photograph:
           And said:  “Brett, please don’t take offense, but truthfully, I’m no great fan of Mickey.  I would never
read a MM comic book, or play a MM video game, or view a full length MM movie.  All I really like and collect
is Mickey’s life endowed Abstract Geometry.  It's all about the early imagery for me. That's why those
questions strike me as funny.  Nonetheless, I'll make an attempt to write something about my love affair with
Classic Mickey's geometry that, hopefully, your readers will find interesting.”  The result, which you can read
below, is history!
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