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          One of the greatest blessings that Fate bestowed on me in 2013 was meeting Eric Millen.  Eric collects great graphic artists, with all the passion that I once collected Mickey.  And each artist he discovers, he celebrates with articles, interviews and videos on his Blog, “Massive Fantastic.”

While browsing around the internet, last year, a carving by my friend, Charles Ponstingl caught Eric’s eye, and subsequently, led him to my website, where he discovered yours truly.  One glance at Massive Fantastic immediately tells the viewer that Eric does not suffer from bad taste.  So, when I realized that he saw my varied attempts at toy design as “Art,” and posted examples of them on his Blog, I must admit that I was flattered and amazed.  Since then, our friendship has become an ongoing saga, too big to fit on just one page.  To follow it you have to click the links.

It began in February 2013. I Googled myself to see if anything was happening with the Outer Space Men. That’s the only way I can find out.  And a link led me to Eric’s Blog.  WOW!  I discovered PART ONE of a two-part story about yours truly.  When PART TWO appeared, I introduced myself to Eric.  He asked if he could do an interview with me online, in which I would answer 10 QUESTIONS.  Absolutely!

As most who know me would testify, I regard my true art, and passion, to be my Collection.  And all the artwork that I did to earn the money to collect it was only the means towards that end.  As hard as I have tried to convince Eric of that, he insists on arguing otherwise.  And I might add, with such conviction that he might, one day, even succeed in making a believer out of me!

Meanwhile Eric, and Kristina, his charming wife, have become frequent visitors to Mouse Heaven.  And they have, quite literally, changed my life.  On his first visit, Eric made a video, and a shorter preview.  You can see them both below.

First is the 3 minute PREVIEW.
And then, there is the longer video, sort of a continuation.  This was Eric’s first attempt at making videos. The camera was brand new.  I can’t believe he did so well!  Clearly, he is a natural!  He also has a gift for editing, and the music is perfect!  It was an honor for me to be the subject of the first Massive Fantastic Video.  He has since made many more, and each is more professional than the one before.  You can see it   HERE, or right below.
         On subsequent visits, Eric has been working on another, video. He calls this one a “Full Length Documentary!"  Good Lord!  As if the World hasn’t seen enough of me, already!  Furthermore, it was Eric who convinced and helped me to transcribe “Greetings from Mouse Heaven” and “The Colorforms Years” into Free E-Books that can all be downloaded HERE.  You can also read them online at .... The way the pages “turn” is fun!

Eric and Kristina have also brought new friends into our life.  On their next visit, they introduced us to the great painter, illustrator, and author, James Gurney, and his charming wife Jeanette.  James is best known for his series of books about the fabled world of “Dinotopia”  And I’d like to think that it was the collection that has inspired Jim to make a stop action movie, here in “Mouse Heaven,” which he renamed, “Melville” in the video.  Bil Baird's puppet, "Miss Bubbles La Rue," will have a starring role.
And then, James and Jeanette introduced us to Christopher Radko.  Christopher has led a fabulous and “ornamental” life. Thanks to his effervescent personality, it always feels like Christmas Time, when Christopher's around.  He’d make a fabulous talk show host.  In fact, the photograph, below, looks like a promo, for “The Christopher Radko Show.”