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          I’ve been around for many of Mickey’s Birthdays, beginning with the article in Life in 1968, celebrating his 40th. Now, 35 years later, he was about to be 75, and my friends Bob Heide and John Gilman invited me to join the celebration in the form of an article in the Disney Magazine.  Bob “interviewed” me over the telephone, and a few days latter two official Disney Photographers arrived.  They were fantastic!  I loved the photographs.  Not so much the article!  Bob and John are great guys, but they are also slightly crazy!  I don’t  know what they were smoking, but it seemed to me, they made the whole thing up.  Words like “Rapscallion” are not in my vocabulary.

Fortunately, a few days before the article was to appear, the Disney people called me to do a fact check!  And they read it to me!  OY!  I nearly fell off the chair!  We made so many last minute corrections, that, in the end, there was practically nothing there, so I backed off and let some stuff pass.  I think that Bob was projecting, with that part about a projector on a scrap heap!  But it sounds nice, and the photographs are great!
          One element always puzzled me. I wonder why the editors cropped this final photo so strangely? There’s things I’d eliminate, before the entire top half of the showcase.  Was it divided horizontally, because Felix the Cat appears in the upper half, or simply lack of space?