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         In 1991, Baby Face had just appeared.  And, for once, it looked like a product that I designed was on a meteoric rise.  Thus, my good friend Bernie Shine offered to write an article to help the doll succeed.  The completed story appeared in the August 1991 issue of  Collector’s Showcase Magazine. This article was also the first time a glimpse of the great wall of Mouse Heaven was ever seen.  Indeed, the out of focus objects in the background were much more interesting to the readers of Collector’s Showcase than the dolls in the foreground would ever be.
          Ten years after this article was published, Bernie discovered it online in a Baby Face fan site, created by my, soon to be, friend Cyndy Stevens. He pointed it out to me. And, I dropped Cyndy a line, thanking her for keeping the memory of Baby Face alive.  This was the start of my adventures on the Internet.  Cyndy asked me to relate the story of how Baby Face began. And so, working from a series of emails that I typed, one finger at a time, she compiled a kind of e-book, called, “How Baby Face Was Born.” 

It is now nearly 15 years later, and here I sit at the computer, with my very own website.  Much progress has been made since then: I now type with three fingers at a time.