Mel Birnkrant's
FORD TIMES  March 1983
          Early in 1983, a magazine called “Ford Times” contacted me.  It was a small magazine published by the Ford Motor Company. Apparently it sold on newsstands for a dollar, that is if it even appeared on newsstands; maybe it did, but mostly in the Motor City. On the other hand, I was led to believe that it was sent to Ford owners everywhere, for free.  That is quite a unique circulation, and I saw this as an opportunity to advertise for more Mickeys. Therefore, after an argument about how prices would be mentioned, they promised a $10 limit, and I agreed.

It turned out to be a rather good article, and, more or less, said everything, my usual routine.  The photographer was charming, and later sent me 16 delicious colored photos that he said that I could use, however I pleased.  The most amusing photo turned out to be one in which the shadow of a Mickey carousel figure appeared to form a pair of mouse ears on the wall behind me.  Was this a happy accident, or the fulfilling of a prophesy?
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