Imagine our World in the not so distant future; its resources depleted, its atmosphere polluted. Earth has become a place where animals live in mortal Danger. Many species face Extinction, not only here on Planet Earth, but throughout the Universe.

             Against this background of desperation, hope lives on, as Captain Noah Darwin, commander of the STARSHIP A.R.C. (Animal Rescue Command) sets forth upon an Epic Voyage that takes him from the ends of the Earth to the farthest reaches of our Galaxy.  His mission is to visit this and other planets to rescue two of each endangered species, and transport them to the safely of NEW EDEN, a virgin planet much like Earth millions of years ago, where life may yet be born anew, and each endangered species can multiply and prosper.   

            STARSHIP A.R.C. is equipped with cutting edge technology and out of this world devices that endow Captain Noah with Animal Powers. They enable him to swim like a fish for hours underwater, soar like an eagle on titanium wings light as a feather, and leap like a tiger on mighty Power Paws.  Foremost among his amazing equipment is the Universal Translator, a miraculous breakthrough that enables Captain Noah to communicate with every animal in the Universe and visa versa 

            The Crew of STARSHIP A.R.C. is primarily made up of the strongest and most intelligent of Earth's endangered Species.  Thanks to the Universal Translator, Noah has discovered that animals are as intelligent as Humans.  Now given the gift of language the animals too have learned of the damage that Man has wrought on their poor planet. And they are really angry!  Thus, the bravest among them have joined the Crew of STARSHIP A.R.C., determined to fight for their Survival.

                 All Crew members of STARSHIP A.R.C. are equipped with the Universal Translator, enabling them to speak to Noah and each other. They also proudly wear the emblem of NEW EDEN, a sea-blue orb, flanked by two suns, one fiery red, and the other golden yellow.  It represents their hopes and dreams of Safe Haven and Life Eternal.
              Being an Action Figure concept, there had to be vehicles and accessories. So here they are.  They too embody Animal Powers. Not every Creature that STARSHIP A.R.C. encounters is friendly. Some have to be captured and fitted with the “Universal Translator” before they understand that A.R.C. stands for Salvation. The various vehicles all clip together to form what in the Golden Age of Action Figures was called a Play-set.  But why did A.R.C. need Weaponry? Turn the page and you will see.
               My God, I loved this concept! What an opportunity for Adventure, as Noah and his crew encounter one Fabulous Endangered Creature after another, and battle Awesome Adversaries, who threaten their Extinction. Why couldn't we sell this concept in 1989?  Read on and you will learn the answer. CLICK HERE TO SEE PAGE 2 and meet "the BAD GUYS!"
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