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                  This story, which was never published, was intended to be Issue One of Animax.  It has never seen the light of day. Clearly, it is an "Origin Story" that introduces the characters, sets up the premise and tells the basic story.   By the time it was created, Marvel had seen and been influenced by the Shaper product.  Why they were so inclined to faithfully reproduce Shaper’s somewhat tame and childlike vision is a mystery.  I guess they thought that was what we wanted.  I, for one, would have preferred that the toy was a pale version of the story, rather than the other way around.  Fortunately, both the art work and the story that Marvel ultimately published as Issue One of ANIMAX was better drawn and more exciting.  But, here it is, for better or worse, The Lost Origin Story, a trifle, rescued from the trash heap of oblivion, and  momentairly preserved for posterity.