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               But first, this is as good a time as any to mention how after weeks of discontent and indicision with the name "ANIMOBILES" we  finally found one that we liked.
              Weeks after the Animobiles were sold to Schaper, we still didn’t have a proper name.  The working title, “Animobiles” just didn’t seem to fit.  Shaper’s ad agency  had attempted to come up with something better, but their efforts proved to be in vain.  The time was fast approaching when we needed to decide on a name.

               Then, one evening in early 1986, after a long day in Manhattan, I found myself in bumper to bumper traffic along 11th Avenue  inching towards the West Side Highway and the 60 mile journey home.  For nearly half an hour I had been studying the vehicle directly in front of me, a large beige station wagon filled to capacity with Hasidic Jews.  Momentarily separated from it by a red light I noticed from across the intersection that it had a “Vanity” license plate.  When the light turned green again, I moved in close enough to read it: “ANIMALIA”, is what it said.  Suddenly, the word “ANIMAX” popped into my head.  Halleluiah!  It felt like a minor Miracle, as if the name we had been looking for had just been Heaven sent!  Amen!
                                                “THE NIGHT SIDE”
Ravaged by centuries of war and pollution, the Night Side is a land of never-ending night.  Here the Motor Mutants and their Carnivaurs dwell, fighting for the survival of the fittest, among countess unseen creatures, evolving in the eternal darkness of this place without light.  It is a desolate and cold terrain of vast barren wastes and mysterious mountains, where rocks, grotesquely shaped, perch like crouching monsters, as the hideous howling of the whistling winds that formed them, intermingles with the distant screams of bionic beasts, baying at the watery moon.
                                              “THE CIRCLE OF TWILIGHT"
A band of never ending  twilight that circles the Earth , separating the dark side  from the light.  Here it is forever twilight, neither day nor night.  In this place where time itself lies frozen, night is forever falling, and dawn is always just about to break.  Sunrise and the sunset are one in the same. This is a Danger Zone where adversaries meet to fight.  Along the very center of the Circle of Twilight  lies the Crack of Doom
                                                “THE CRACK OF DOOM"
The actual fissure that divides the earth along the Great Crevasse. It extends from the North Pole to the South, around the world and back again, and cracks a little more each year. Animax  and Carnivore alike fear the earth will, one day, split in two.
                                                “THE BRIDGE OF DOOM”
        Older than the memory of Man... No one knows who created the Bridge of Doom, only that it appeared sometime after the Ancient Conflict that split the Earth and formed the Great Crevasse known as The Crack of Doom.  Located in the Circle of Twilight, the Bridge of Doom is the only link joining the Light Side and the Night Side. The Bridge is made of living rock. It moves and undulates as ANIMAX and Carnivores engage in deadly combat on its span.
                                                     “THE CREVATORS”
  Far beneath the Bridge of Doom, in the crude caves that punctuate the craggy walls of the Great Crevasse, the deadly Crevators dwell.  These denizens of darkness sometimes clamor up the cliffs, and lie in wait to feed on anything, dead or alive, that dares to cross the Bridge of Doom.  The Crevators defy description, for no one who has ever laid eyes on them has lived to tell the tale. But the Crevatores, in turn, live in constant fear of a Nameless Terror that lurks below them in the Bottomless Pit deep in the Crack of Doom. There dwells an unseen creature there, whose only source of nourishment is the Crevators themselves   
                                                      “MONSTRO CITY”
    Once a mighty metropolis in the Golden Age of Planet Earth, Monstro City now lies in ruin, ravaged by neglect in the eternal darkness of the Night Side.  Nothing there has ever been repaired nor ever will be.  Yet within its rambling corridors of rubble, the Denizens of the Darkness  carry on their daily lives.  This monstrosity is their capitol city.
                                                          “DUMP CITY”
  Once the City Dump, "Dump City", is now a suburb of Monstro City.  Nothing has changed there but the name.
                                                         “MEAT HOOK”
Chief Mechanic and butcher of the Chop Shop, Meat Hook can dismantle a captured vehicle faster than you can say “AN-I-MAX”, saving all the best parts for his souped up creations, and throwing any leftovers into the soup that boils and bubbles in his “Crock Pot” to pacify the packs of hungry Carnivaurs that hang out in the alley behind the shop, demanding food.
                                              “THE VICIOUS VANDALIZER”
  Cooked up by Meat Hook in the Chop Shop, the Vicious Vandalizer is a carnivorous concoction made up of spare parts from ANIMAX and Carnivaurs alike. Although, it has the characteristics of many creatures , nothing like it has ever stalked the Earth before. The Vicious Vandalizer  prowls  the never-ending night of the Night Side preying on anything it can devour, dead or alive
                                     “THE LIGHT SIDE”
Beneath an eternally shining sun, half the Earth has become a lush Paradise, a veritable garden of Eden, where fertile plains abound and majestic cities tower above them, encased in crystal domes.  The constant  exposure to never-ending sunlight has given birth to many wondrous forms of exotic vegetation that boggle the imagination.   The Light Side is ‘Home’ to both the ANIMAX and Mankind, who live in harmony together.
                                                      “ROAD TAMERS”
        The heroic Masters of the ANIMAX. Each Road Tamer has an animal helmet  that puts him in telepathic communication with his ANIMAX.  Together , they patrol and protect the Human Race in a never-ending fight for Freedom!
The process, incorporating bionics, cybernetics, and cloning , by which the ANIMAX and CARnivaurs, were created
                                                “THE LIVING JUNGLE”
A vast area, covering much of the Light Side. The overabundance of sunlight has sped up evolution, creating strange and exotic plant life and vegetation so lush that it blocks out the sun.  There are giant plants that can communicate telepathically and others that can even talk.  Throughout the Living Jungle there is an intricate network of winding roads and hidden highways, secret trails known to and used only by the ANIMAX.  This is where the ANIMAX feel most at home.  Deep within the Living Jungle lies the Jungle Lair, secret headquarters of the ANIMAX
                                         “THE CAVE OF LIVING LEGEND”
  The most secret of all the secret places known to ANIMAX is the Cave of Living Legend.  Hidden in the Mysterious Mountains, deep within the Living Jungle, the Cave is a natural formation of great power and wonder.  The massive walls of its great chamber are formed and faceted in such a way that thought waves bounce and ricochet from their angled surfaces forever.  Thus every thought that was ever thought within the cave, remains there to be read and understood by each generation of ANIMAX.  Here they can communicate with their most ancient ancestors, all the way back to the very first ANIMAX and beyond;  Back to a time when animals ran wild and free.  The very history of the World and all the wisdom and instincts of the Animal Kingdom from the beginning of time echo eternally from the walls of this miraculous place.  No wonder its whereabouts are so carefully guarded.  For if a Road Tamer were ever to venture into the Cave of Living Legend, his telepathic helmet would reveal to him the deepest secrets of the ANIMAX.
                                           “THE ANIMAX JUNGLE LAIR”
  A secret fortress, hidden from view by the exotic vegetation of the Living Jungle. The Jungle Lair serves as a combination headquarters and service station for the care , repair and feeding of the ANIMAX.
                       This was intended to be a Play Set,  It was really too big to be manufactured by Schaper.  But, on the other hand, the drawing hardly portrays the Jungle Lair as I would imagine it in the story.  Nonetheless, Marvel Comics, ever eager to be faithful to the license, took the drawing literally and replicated it quite accurately in issue 3 of “ANIMAX”
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