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Birnkrant Family Album
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The Bumstead family "hangs around" while Daisy wonders, "How much was that doggie in the window?" (don't ask!) Even rarer than the toys is the sight of Mel's work bench this tidy!

Windsor McKay's LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND occupies first place on the Birnkrant list of toys, dolls and games "most wanted."

Left: Spectacular 18-inch, clockwork, five fingered Mickey! Head rocks, eyes roll! Made in Germany.
Right: Extraordinary black-and-white velvet Mickey and Minnie dolls made in Japan.

Left: Phenomenally rare, the legendary Captain Marvel doll!
Middle: Charismatic KOKO the CLOWN, made of felt and composition
Right: Miraculous Mickey and Minnie miniatures, actual size.

ELMER, BEAURGARD and ELSIE the Borden cows are exquisitely crafted marionettes by master puppeteer Bil Baird.

Hiding in this case of George McManus characters is an exceedingly rare toy, the practically unknown "Goodbye Maggie Car." Jiggs drove this before he got his Jazz car! Jiggs carved from a coconut is one of Mel's favorites.

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Acknowledgement: Mel Birnkrant is a toy designer and inventor. The toys he collects serve as an inspiration and play a major role in the items he creates. The authors, Doug and Pat Wengel, enjoy collecting early images of Mickey and his friends. They are also dealers in vintage character collectibles.  

All photographs Mel Birnkrant
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